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General Resources

  • Free Credit Reports website
  • Help with Identity Theft
  • AAMC's FIRST Program (Financial Inforation, Resourses, Services, and Tools)
  • The Wellness Society: Coronavirus Anxiety WorkbookGeneral Resources

    Information for International Students

  • Get a Social Security Number
    • Required if you will work in the US.
    • Do not wait until the last minute to obtain this if you will participate in the Match.
  • Open a US bank account. 
    • Generally, to open a checking account as an international student, you must provide your ITIN or Social Security number, student visa, proof of residency in the US, and two forms of identification. 
    • Some banks will open an account with your visa information, but these are few. 
    • If you use an international bank you may find it easier to open a US account.
  • Interested in obtaining a private educational loan? Check with private loan lenders to see if you are required to have a US Social Security Number (SSN) or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), or if it is required only for the co-signer at the time of application.  For some loan programs, applicants may need to begin the SSN/ITIN application process before the start of the academic year.  International students should note that you cannot obtain a SSN unless you are currently living in the United States.  You may be able to apply sooner for an ITIN, which lenders may accept in lieu of an SSN.
  • Develop US Credit History- request a credit card from your bank to start your credit journey. Free credit reports can be obtained with a social security number here:
  • Contact the Office of Financial Aid for any questions you may have about financial wellness.